2019’s Most Popular Kitchen Renovation Trends

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You have made up your brain — it is time to give that aged kitchen of yours a makeover, and you’ve currently saved up plenty of money to cover the renovations.

Now, you merely have to decide just how you are going to help to make your kitchen newer!

Fortunately, the National Kitchen and Bath Association simply released the findings of their annual trends survey. Every year, the NKBA polls a lot more than 350 designers about the favorite styles in kitchen renovations.

Colleyville Texas custom kitchen remodeling white cabinetry blue island

Colleyville Texas custom kitchen remodeling white cabinetry blue island

A few of this year’s results are interesting, and display a change from tradition components and designs, want:

– A big change in cabinets

For many years, the woods of preference for cabinetry have already been cherry and maple.

While cherry still includes a solid hold as the very best choice (69% of new cupboards built-in 2019 up to now have already been cherry), additional woods are being used for cupboards more than before.

Oak and bamboo utilization possess doubled since 2010 (oak is up from 11% to 22%, and bamboo is up from 5% to 10%), even though walnut and birch are being utilized three times as frequently because they were 2 yrs ago. Actually, designers now statement that birch has been used for cabinets in 15% of homes, with walnut to arrive at 13%.

– Darker is way better

With regards to kitchen cabinets finishes, it appears darker is way better. At least, the designers surveyed (and the home owners they caused) appear to think so.

The study shows dark natural finishes were used 58% of that time period in 2019, while moderate finishes came in at an identical percentage (55%).

Light wood coatings didn’t fare so very well, however when it involves painted cupboards, white continues to be the color of preference.

Actually, white fared better in the survey than all the colors combined.

So, if you’d like your house to complement current trends, possibly stain your cupboards a dark solid wood end color, or color them white.

– You will need to upgrade that aged faucet

May very well not look at a faucet replacement as a lot of a kitchen renovation, but two new trends took over.

First, even more designers are employing pull-out faucets that serve a two-in-one purpose, rather than the traditional regular faucet having a detached side aerosol.

Also, it appears brushed medal finishes are away, and polished chrome is back style. In the study, 52% of designers state they have set up chromium faucets and fittings this season. That’s up from 34% this past year.

– Out using the white, along with the gray

In society, a guy with grey hair is definitely considered distinguished, and today in residential design, it appears the same holds true.

A properly-balanced color of gray can easily act as an alternative solution to the original white and off-white color plans for homes without having to be overpowering.

As the two whites still dominate the marketplace, the usage of gray in homes has increased from only 9% this year 2010 to 33% this season.

Brown is constantly on the also be considered a well-known color plan choice in both kitchen and the toilet.

The study states that bronzes, greens, and blue are also used recently than these were before.

– Solid surfaces

This year 2010, the designers polled because of this survey reported the only utilized solid surface types in 11% of kitchens.

That number has almost tripled in 2 yrs, up to 30% this season.

If solid areas aren’t for you personally, don’t worry. Styles display that granite and quartz still dominate the marketplace.

– Glass backsplashes

Rock tile and ceramic tile (including porcelain) remain the clear-cut options for backsplashes, but cup is slowly increasing. Actually, 52% of house designers possess reported using cup for backsplashes in 2019.

Hopefully you will decide what fits finest within your kitchen!

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